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From the Newslatter….. On the subject of Face Book, I again encourage all members to join our Face Book page. One does not need to be active on Face Book to be able to read our GBOBA page. There are many items of interest that I post there that I repeat in our newsletters for […]

From: Robert Kitching [] Sent: 05 May 2016 04:54 PM To: Tony Nicholas Subject: Re: REUNION 2017 – VICTORIA, BC. CANADA May Newsletter CWPB Association 2017 letterhead Hi Tony. Please find a brief newsletter for the 2017 CWPB reunion in Victoria BC. We have a nucleus necessary to make the reunion a success but would […]

From: RICHARD BENNETT [] Sent: Monday, 6 July 2015 11:20 AM To: Subject: DEMISE OF GORDON KEITH BENNETT Good day to you. This is to inform you, for the purposes of updating your schedule of cadets, that my father, Gordon Keith Bennett expired on 4 June 2015. Kind Regards Richard Bennett Cell: 0823789262 / […]

From: Gary Brownless [] Sent: 16 June 2015 10:23 PM To: Cc: Subject: Joe Brownless Morning Sad to announce the passing of my dad, Joe Brownless yesterday morning, 15 June. He passed peacefully in his room at the Green Pastures old age home. He was 89Y of age. We are planning a memorial […]

Our S.A.T.S. General Botha exhibit in the S.A. Naval Museum, Simon’s Town, is finally open to the public. The temporary [albeit lengthy] closure as a result of other work being done in the museum has finally been completed and thus allowing public access to our exhibit in the same wing of the museum. During the […]

The Reunion

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A group of Bothy Old Boys, all aged 40, discussed where they should meet for a reunion lunch. Finally it was agreed that they would meet at Wetherspoons in Uxbridge because the waitresses had big breasts and wore mini-skirts. Ten years later, at age 50, the friends once again discussed where they should meet for […]

1971 Hit Video

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The video below was released in 2011 to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1971 intake at Bothy. Copies of the DVD were given to each of the 1971 cadets, but unfortunately, due to financial constraints, we could not make the video available to a wider audience. However, through advances in technology and internet hosting, […]

Marine Inspirations

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Hi All, Check out This is our latest venture in mentoring disadvantaged kids from SA. The Website tells it all and we have two kids coming over to sail with us in the Ibiza Rendezvous Regatta in October. We are all pretty excited that it has worked out so well and so fast and […]

Golf Day Slideshow

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  I have put together a slideshow from all the pics taken of the Golf Day event …. For those that were not there – sit back and enjoy and for those that were – relax and relive the experience….. Golf Day Slideshow – Start…..