All shall recall that the Lawhill is the name of the newly built hostel and class rooms at Simon’s Town School accommodating the school kids who are taking the Maritime Studies course at the school, indeed we have reported much on this. One positive that came as a result of the reunion class’s visit to Lawhill at Simon’s Town School is the proposal to provide sponsorship to students of the course. Many of these youngsters come from rather disadvantage backgrounds and thus such assistance is in much need. The school, Lawhill and the teachers are doing fantastic work with these youngsters. Any visit there and you shall find a group of extremely well mannered and enthusiastic youngsters, some of them far away from their homes. They are a credit to their school, Lawhill and their teachers. This initiative has received total support from the reunion group and some members have already made funds available and others have pledged their support, they are just waiting for your committee to formalise this. The reunion felt very strongly that should not be specifically their class initiative but rather a GBOBA initiative. In this manner we have yet another legacy towards preserving the history of our training ship and those that trained in her. Keith Burchell has again volunteered to chair a GBOBA sub committee to establish and run this initiative. Thus further details shall be communicated through future newsletter publications. In the meantime if any member has some funds burning a hole in their bank accounts this may be donated into our present GBOBA account clearly identified towards this initiative. For guidance the present cost to support one boarder through this three year course is in the region of R22,000 per annum.


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