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The War Memorial Cenotaph, to Botha Boys who lost their lives in action, was unveiled by Mrs. Botha-Reid in October 1953. The Cenotaph was later moved to The Heerengraght, where the annual Memorial Service and Wreath Laying Ceremony now take place.

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The dedication of the trees and the S.A.T.S. General Botha Old Boys' plaque took place as planned on Thursday 26th April. A huge crowd turned out, far more than expected, and the service in the Chapel at the Arboretum was full and overflowing. After the service everybody moved down to the Merchant Navy Convoy, which is eventually going to be a superb forest. Our plaque was in line with the other plaques that were to be unveiled, and when our turn came the Padre blessed our tree, which is far too small at this stage of its career to have a thundering great big plaque nailed to it! The plaque is now supported on a metal pole - as are most of the others - and will eventually be transferred to the tree when it is sufficiently grown. After completing the unveiling all retired gratefully to their vehicles to get warm and proceed home