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MGB 81

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An interesting picture of restored MGB 81 sent to us by the skipper, Richard Hellyer (#2002, 1956-1958) Click here for the full story…..  

Website Registration

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I have disabled the “Registration” button in the Login panel due to the large volume of spam I have been getting. You will find a new registration form on the website which will allow me to control user registration more easily.  Please remember that anybody can register which will allow you to login and post […]

Magnetic Bothie Badge

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Here are a few ideas for displaying your new magnetic Bothie Badge….. Order yours now from the Slop Chest…. Remember that you can add your own comments to any of the posts published on the Notice Board….

Brass Cannons

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From: Ian Manning [] Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 16:21 To: Tony Nicholas; Kieron Cox; Denys Pitcher Subject: Brass guns  Good day Gentlemen, I was recently shown two brass muzzle loading guns [they look more like carronades to me] at the Simon’s Town town hall. Both have what appear to be British king’s crowns on […]