From: Gary Brownless []
Sent: 16 June 2015 10:23 PM
Subject: Joe Brownless

Sad to announce the passing of my dad, Joe Brownless yesterday morning, 15 June. He passed peacefully in his room at the Green Pastures old age home. He was 89Y of age.
We are planning a memorial on Saturday 20 June outside Durbanville – same to still be confirmed.
I trust a suitable obituary will be posted for possibly the last south African with square rig endorsement.
Many thanks
Gary Brownless

A Brief History
First General Botha Cadet to join the s.v. Lawhill, serving some years on her as Cadet. Then joined a Danish tanker “Ingemersk” as 4th and then 3rd Officer, this being run by the then S.A.R.& H. Wrote Second Officer’s Certificate at the Hull Trinity College in England and further study obtained a square sail endorsement. Sailed as Second Officer on a Polish Ship around the Eastern U.K. Coast and to Europe. Later treturned to South Africa and sailed on various ships run by the S.A.R. & H. Failed his eyesight test when applying to write Chief Officer’ Certificate, so came ashore and became a toolmaker with the Railways. Studied further and became a Factory Engineer. 2006 Retired.