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Historical DVDs of the Ship in the thirties, Red Hill in 1946/47 and Gordon’s Bay in the fifties are now available.

DVD – The Ship.

Part 1: The Ship – Filmed in the thirties, this archive movie presents a fascinating insight into Cadets lives on board the old ship SATS GENERAL BOTHA at Simon’s Town. In one scene the ship’s company, led by the band, parades round the upper deck. Another scene shows boat work in the cutters, including launching and recovery of these heavy boats with the old radial davits. Instruction in knots and splices, signals, chartwork, navigation and the use of the sextant are shown in another scene. Shots of turning in at day’s end in hammocks, Rig Hammocks! (forerunner of the dreaded  45 seconds  at Gordon’s Bay!), all remind us of a life that has long passed.

Item No 10: Price R 40

DVD       “Red Hill” 1946/47.

Part 1: A first rate, excellently presented collection of former Cadet Rex Chambers’ photographs. An opening scene, photographed from a nearby koppie, bears the wry caption: “The Ship on top of Red Hill, 1947”. These photos, with Cadets names included, strike a strong personal note coming, as they do, direct from Rex’s camera. The collection includes shots of “old salts” and “chums” in all manner of activities at Red Hill and during outings. There are rare shots of cadets stripping “The Ship” before she was sunk by the guns of Scala Battery in May 1947. Humour in abundance and a good musical score.

Part 2:     Monty Tours South Africa 1947. A segment from one of the vintage “African Mirror” newsreels. Scenes of his arrival in Cape Town, then Field Marshall Montgomery inspects the Botha Boys while on a visit to Simon’s Town.

Part 3: A Walk down Memory Lane. A poignant view of our Memorial Boards when they were displayed in the SA Merchant Navy Academy at Granger Bay, then, to a stirring rendition of “Evening Colours”, with trumpeters and orchestra, we share scenes at the Academy and final scenes at Red Hill. Bothie Old Boys will enjoy this DVD. It is definitely an item to own.

Item No: 11      Price R 45

DVD SANC “General Botha” 1954For the Class of 53/54’s fifty year reunion in 2004, Barry Cullen transferred an old 8mm movie of his to digital video, with stunning results. The South African Navy Band made a wonderful gesture in performing those clear bugle calls and rousing bugle band marches of fifty years ago. These were expertly laid to the visuals, resulting in “Morning Colours” and “Sunday Divisions” being dramatically improved!Life at the General Botha in Gordon’s Bay, 1954. The Cadets, Captain Legassick, the Officers, the Instructors, whaler pulling races, sailing, clean ship, Drommedaris, Prize Day 1954.
Filmed by Cadets Barry Cullen and Chris Copeland.Item No: 12       Price R 40



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