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1953/54 - 50 Years

The 50 year reunion of the Class of 1953/54 was held at the old SANC "General Botha", now the South African Naval College, in Gordon's Bay

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Welcoming Cocktail Party

The welcoming cocktail party for the 60th. Reunion of years 1942-43, 1943-44, and 1944-45, was held at the invitation of the Harbour Master, Cape Town, in the 10th Floor Lounge at the Port Control Tower. We were also given an interesting presentation on how the Harbour Service operates.

Commissioning Day Dinner & Memorial Service

The Commissioning Day Dinner was held this year at Kelvin Grove, and Sunday's Memorial Service at the General Botha Cenotaph in the Heerengraght, where wreaths were laid.

SAMTRA & Naval Museum - Simon's Town

On Thursday we were given a conducted tour through SAMTRA in Simon's Town, where we were shown the engine simulation techniques, and then a demonstration of the bridge simulators, where our ship docked in Cape Town, and was taken back out to sea by Dave Powell, in thick fog and other hazards. This was followed by a visit to the General Botha exhibit at the Naval Museum.

Aboard the "Cable Restorer"

On Thursday, Gordon Webb arranged a superb lunch aboard the Cable Restorer, now owned by the Simon's Town Museum, and berthed in the Naval Dockyard.

Visit to the General Botha Campus - Granger Bay

On Friday we were guests of the Cape Technikon at the General Botha Campus in Granger Bay, and were given a detailed tour of the facilities now catering for cadets and officers from the African continent and Europe.

Visit to Groote Constantia Wine Cellar & Restaurant

On Saturday we toured the wine cellars at Groote Constantia, followed by a wine tasting. We then had a very pleasant lunch under the vines in the courtyard of the Jonkheershuis Restaurant on the estate.

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Various Reunion Groups

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